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In terms of big food events of the year, it may surprise you to know that Super Bowl Sunday is up there right next to Thanksgiving for the most calories consumed in a single day! Between pizza, wings, beer, and chips, the average American football fan will eat well over 2400 calories just during the 4-5 hour game alone.

If you’re a football lover (or a party food lover!) here are some tips to keep you on your Nutrition Game:

Have a Game Plan! Head into the day with an idea of what you plan to eat (and drink!). If you log your food early, you’ll have a better idea of how you can work your favorite foods in without going overboard. You CAN have pizza and a couple of drinks–But moderation is the key!

Fill Up on Lean Protein and Volume Carbs Early–You’re be less likely to overeat if you aren’t arriving to the party hungry. You’ll likely have access to plenty of carbs and fat later on, so get that protein in early.

Be a Team Player – Bring something healthy to share! Check out these recipes from Healthy Steps Nutrition: Pulled Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, or Lettuce Wrapped Turkey Burgers. Also check out out this awesome list of Healthy Game Day recipes from Skinnytaste if you need a little extra inspiration!

Skip the Chips and Stick with Veggies – Cut up a bunch of veggies you like to snack on and bring them along with you. They’ll fill you up more while you still enjoy some of your favorite dips to go with them. You’ll be less likely to overeat them than you would chips!

Make a Plate–Then Go Sit Down! Find somewhere else to hang out and socialize that isn’t right next to the food table where you’ll be more likely to graze and keep snacking. 

Be Mindful: Are you actually hungry or just eating mindlessly because “it’s there”?

Use the “Hell Yes Rule”: We all have those foods that scream HELL YES. Eating them is pure joy and ultimate enjoyment. If it’s not really a “HELL YES” food, (or it’s something you could eat literally ANY time), pass on it!

Stick with Water or Lower Calorie Alcohol Choices (in moderation). If drinking, have a glass of water between alcoholic beverages.

Super Bowl Sunday is an awesome day for football and friends! Food plays a fun part in it, but try not to have it be the main focus. Instead of fixating on what you should/shouldn’t be eating, focus on the atmosphere and connecting with the people around you.

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